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Memory Walk 2014  was on October 11th 2014.  Once again it was another great success.  We had families not only from the state of Georgia but from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  If you have lost a teen in a car crash and would like he or she to be represented at our Walk next year let us know.  The Walk is open to anyone who would like to come Walk and support our Families.  Everyone who registers and walks will get a T-Shirt, a meal as well as a lanyard with the picture of the person they are Walking in Memory Of.  We will post the date as soon as we confirm it for the 2015 Memory Walk which normally falls in October.

Sponsors for Memory Walk 2014

If you would like information about having us speak at a school, church or other civic organization drop me an email and we will be glad to send you information.

If you would like to get on a Email list for the WALK next year or would like to be a sponsor for the event please email me at bill@tvip.org

Fourth Nationwide Edition Book

We are in the process of developing our Fourth Nationwide Edition Book.  This book shares the stories of teens tragically lost to car crashes.  These are the stories shared by the parents of the teens.  If you have lost a teen in a teen driven car crash and would like to keep the memory of them alive and at the same time possibly prevent another family from having to go through what you have experienced let us know.  We are currently taking stories to put in our next edition and plan on going to print early fall of 2014.  For more information please call Bill at 770-289-8598.  Let us help keep the memory of your son or daughter alive and prevent further needless tragedies.

Teen Victim Impact Program 

If you are a Judge, Solicitor Prosecutor or other court official and would like more information about our Teen Victim Impact Program we do for Courts go to www.tvip.org or contact me at Bill@tvip.org
If you experience any problem with this web site please contact me at bill@tvip.org  It Won’t Happen To Me (IWHTM) and Teen Victim Impact Program (TVIP) are dedicated to reducing the Number One cause of teen deaths – Car Crashes - through education and awareness.  Our educational initiatives help teens become safer, more responsible drivers.  We do this by sharing the stories of teens that have lost their lives in car crashes.  We discuss the decisions and choices that were made that led to their death, as well as how their death could have been prevented.  The organization also strive to make parents aware of the importance of proper training and monitoring of their teens. IWHTM and TVIP is especially grateful to the families who have shared the loss of their teen with us, hoping that it will save other families from possibly experiencing the same tragedy. The teens featured in our program are teaching thousands of teens and parents every year – They Are Saving Lives.  

Programs Provided by IWHTM AND TVIP

Court Programs

School, Church or Community related event

Corporate Programs

Conference and Seminar Speaking

If you have a teen, our Teen Victim Impact Program is a must. Saving even one teen life makes it all worth it! Contact us for more information about our program or for a copy of our book.  What we talk about applies to everyone who gets into a car, not just young drivers. If you would like to donate you can make a donation at www.tvip.org/donate.asp

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