Conference and Seminar Speaking

The It Won’t Happen To Me Program has a very powerful message that needs to be heard by not only every young driver but anyone who either gets behind the wheel or is a passenger in a car.  This is not our opinion but the opinions of so many that have attended our programs and have filled out surveys.

We are endeavoring to reach as many people as we can through as many venues as we can.  In addition to speaking to schools, religious venues, court programs etc. we would like to have the opportunity to speak at your conference or seminar.

We have spoken at Judge’s, District Attorney’s and Solicitor’s Conferences.  We have also attended various school related Conferences such as Secondary School Administrators and Counselors Conferences for both public and private schools.

If you have the responsibility of acquiring speakers for your particular conference or Seminar and would like more information about having us speak please contact us at the information below.

It Won’t Happen To Me
Bill Richardson
2645 Youth Monroe Rd.
Monroe, GA 30655