Corporate Speaking

Many companies and corporations have periodic security or safety training programs throughout the year.  We feel there is a need to address the adult workforce on the serious nature of driving.  So many families are affected by personal tragedies in the family that affect their work and productivity.  There is also a great need to address safe driving in the work place.

From the surveys we get from not only teens but also adults that attend our programs there is a need to not only educate teens but parents as well.  We get so many comments, ‘I did not know’, ‘I did not realize’, ‘I never thought about that’.  We feel that there is a need to reach out to adults as well.   After all educating and training teens to drive starts at home.  Therefore we are reaching out to the corporate world in an effort to reach adults in the work place, not just to make them better parents, but to create a safer work environment and reduce the liability for the work place.

We have conducted programs for organization such as Delta Airlines and Cintas  across the country.  We concentrate in the areas of seat  belt usage, phone usage, and liability issues on a personal and corporate level.  All you have to do is a simple web search and see the numerous tragedies that occur every day that affect personal lives and corporations due to crashes whether it be a car, large truck, buses, trains or specialized vehicles.

So with this need so apparent, we are embarking on a mission to reach adults at their workplace.  In doing so we feel we can make a difference.  A better informed adult when it comes to teen driving can produce a better informed teen driver, thereby reducing their chance of becoming a victim of a teen driving tragedy, as well as make the work place a safer environment.

If you have the responsibility of seeking out educational or safety programs to be presented to employees at your company you can contact us at the information below.

It Won’t Happen To Me
Bill Richardson