Community Programs

Schools, Churches and Civic Organizations

The  It Won’t Happen To Me Program through its outreach efforts conducts programs designed to reach specific audiences whether it is an assembly of students at a school, youth groups ie. scouts, home school associations, churches, synagogues or other types of community events.  We have four goals; getting rid of the “It Won’t Happen To ME” mindset, To Encourage Seat Belts Use, To Emphasize the Dangers of Cell Phones Use and To Educate about the Consequences of Speed.   These events are designed to instill in the audience the importance and seriousness of teen driving.  We utilized powerful videos and share the actual stories of teens that have died in teen driving related car crashes.  We discuss the causes as well as the how these tragedies could have avoided.  This is an interactive program designed to keep the attention of the audience and if time allows Q&A at the end of the program.

After attending one of our programs one walks away with a different perspective about the seriousness and responsibilities that go along with driving as well as the responsibilities of being a passenger in a car.  Keep in mind that although we focus our programs toward teen drivers what we talk about applies to every driver of all ages as well as passengers.

What does our program cost?  Our standard fee for providing our program is $500 per program.  If outside the Atlanta area we charge for travel expenses such as  (mileage, airfare, car rental, meals, and hotel) if applicable.

If you would like more information about having a program feel free to contact us.

It Won’t Happen To Me
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