It Won’t Happen To Me is dedicated to reducing the number of teen car crashes through education and awareness.  It Won’t Happen To Me portrays the lives of teens whose lives were shortened due to teen driving related motor vehicle crashes. It is our hope that by relating how these tragedies affected family and friends that teens will take a more serious attitude in their driving and the parents of teens will take educating their teen more seriously.


We spread this message primarily through presentations to Schools, Churches, Synagogues and Civic Organizations.  It is very appropriate for assemblies prior to HOMECOMING, SPRING BREAK, PROM and GRADUATION.  Our presentation consists of a discussion of real life stories of teens that have died in car crashes, the decisions that led to their car crash and how they could have been prevented, seat belt and texting videos.

Call us to see about having us speak at your school or organization.  Parents are encouraged to attend presentations where possible. If you would like more information about our Program please contact me at


We have also created a book called Teen Victim Impact Program, that focuses on the reality of what can happen to inexperienced young drivers and how it affects family and friends.  This book is moving and makes the reader think about his or her driving habits.  Parents have allowed us to share the stories of their loss in hopes that other teens won’t make the same decisions or choices their teen made.  Click Here to view our Fourth Nation Wide Edition book.